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2016 Calhoun Colt Show

107th Calhoun Colt Show
September 11, 2016
Total Ribbon Count, 6 blues and 4 reds. One blue ribbon for my gourds, the other 9 ribbons were in the Western Horse Show on Sunday.

Joy and I won 2 second place red ribbons and 1 first place ribbon. The Two reds were in 4 and older Paint Horse Halter class, and in the Arena Trail Challenge class, in hand division. The blue was won in the under saddle Division of the Arena Trail Challenge. That one, was a real surprise and I was super happy about it.

Sky won a 1st place ribbon in the 3 year old Paint Horse Class. She had some tough competition. We also did the Arena Trail Challenge in hand. She didn't place high enough in it to be recognized but I was super happy about how she handled the obstacles in the arena especially since we hadn't practiced any for it.

Geronimo did really well considering just 3 weeks earlier he wouldn't let me touch him except on the nose. Vicky Mantonya Church led Mattie, his dam, in the Mare and Foal Class, and again in the Grand Champion Halter Class. Geronimo won first place in the Mare and Foal class, and then came in second in the 2016 Foal class because he decided to stop and refuse to move a bit when we were showing. He placed below his half sister, and then proceeded to kick her in the line up. Rose knocked over her child handler but fortunately he wasn't really hurt just scared and scratched up some. I felt horrible about it. Geronimo also was entered in the Most Colorful Paint Horse Class and won a second place red ribbon.

Lucy and I won two first place blue ribbons. She won her Yearling Paint Halter class by default, no other entries, and then helped me win the Costume class. Vicky Mantonya Church, again helped me by walking in with me holding the Broke and Busted Saddle Club flag, as I followed leading Lucy, limping while carrying a broken saddle over my shoulder. Thank you, Michael Mantonya for leaning me your old hat and the saddle. I was trying to bring the theme of the Saddle Club logo to life.

Diamond and Ranger was supposed to go and also show in the Mare and Foal class, the 2016 Foal class, and Diamond in the 4 yrs and older Paint Class and the Most Colorful Paint class with Michael Mantonya but Ranger got sick and was not healthy enough to be exposed to the stress of showing, etc.

Broke and Busted Saddle Club 2016 Show Results

Broke and Busted Saddle Club Results 2016

April 23, 2016 Calhoun Arena

Showmanship: 1st

Western Pleasure: 2nd

Egg and Spoon: 4th

Big T: 5th

Barrels: 4th

Down and Back: 4th

June 21, 2016- Climax Springs Arena

Showmanship: 2nd out of 5

Egg and spoon: 8th of 19

Western pleasure 5th

Poles 53:02

Big T 34.??

Ribbon, no place

Barrels: 36.1243

Flag 32.351

Mystery-Pony Express 72. ??

Alexis on Joy

barrels 22.??

Down and back: 16.?

August 27, 2016-Calhoun Arena

Showmanship 3rd

Barrels, no place, 36:12

Poles, no place, 48:08

Egg and Spoon, no place

Mystery Race, 53:18

Flags 22:122. FIRST PLACE!!!!!

Western Pleasure 2nd

Down and back 15:92

Big T, no place, 27:09

Ribbon Race 23:?? 3rd ran with Michael.

Ribbon Race, Michael run, 2nd, 22:??

Broke and Busted Saddle Club End of Year Awards
November 2016
Adult Halter/Showmanship High Point Winner
Calhoun Arena Series Adult High Point Winner
Adult High Point Buckle Series Winner

2015 Calhoun Colt Show

Deepwater Labor Day Show 2015

Deepwater Labor Harvest Picnic Horse Show
Labor Day Weekend 2015

I hauled Joy to Deepwater for the Horse Show, part of the Deepwater Labor Harvest Picnic. This was to be our first show where Joy would be under saddle. She spent most of March at the trainer in Lowry City learning how to be ridden and since then I've put between 8-9 hours in the saddle on her prepping for showing and getting to know each other as rider and horse. The PLAN was to show in Halter, an Open Class for all breeds and all levels of exhibitors(our first non-Paint specific halter class. And our halter class was for 4 and older horses.) Then the PLAN was to show in the Adult Walk/Trot class. IF that went well we would try Western Pleasure, Pole Bending and Barrels.

We placed in the Halter class 4th place out of 9. Adult Walk Trot, 4th place out of 7. 4th place in Adult Western Pleasure out of 4. And, Adult Pole Bending we placed 5th out of 6 or more riders-I lost track!

I am over Joyed with my JOY! She showed how great of a work ethic she has, how willing she is to please and where we are in our training.

It was a fun day, Michael Mantonya, Vicky Mantonya Church, Alexis Mantonya also showed in various classes.

2014 Calhoun Colt Show

2014 Calhoun Colt Show We hauled 6 horses to the 105th Calhoun Colt Show today. With some help from family and friends, we came home with 10 ribbons, all but one, in Paint Halter Classes. PAINTS Clases 8. Yearlings Sky (Me)--1st place, Arrow and Alexis--2nd (Arrow is out of my mare, MATTIE, not in my ribbon count) 10. 3 yr olds Joy (Me) Scout (Brandon)--2nd Jack (Alexis) 3rd (Jack out of my stallion and a former mare, Dafy, not in ribbon count) (All three are half or more siblings) 11. 4 yr & older Brazzy (Alexis)1st Stacy(Michael)2nd Kem (Me)3rd--I was really proud of Kem. She just learned to trot beside you this week; and also to load on the trailer.. Martin says, RIDE HER! She's too pretty to not use her............going to have to spend a lot of time training her first! 12. Most Colorful Paint Horse Scout (Michael)1st Kem(Me)2nd Joy(Tori) 3rd In the Grand Champion Halter Class, there were 14 horses in it. Six of those horses were mine. Two more of them were offspring of our stallion, Sundance. 22. Lead line (7 & Under) Stacy & Mya and I 1st place. We have shown the last three years together, with a 1st, 3rd, and 1st place in this class. Mya will be too old next year for us to show in the class. I also participated in the Walk-trot class, and Western Pleasure class, both 14 and older on Brazzy. That's the first time she and I had done anything like that. We didn't win but we had fun! She goes WAY TOO fast to win in these classes but she did everything I asked of her so I am a happy person. Stacy and I participated in two speed events; poles and barrels. It was the first time we had done that too. I and DO mean the first time!!! We had never run either of the patterns; just practiced making turns and weaving around cones. She ROCKED it!! You can see pictures on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/OakSpringsFarmCalhounMissouri Just look in the albums for the 2014 Calhoun Colt Show

2013 Calhoun Colt Show

August 2012
I hauled 5 of Sundance's foals to the Calhoun Colt Show, a fun show and did really well.  We came home with 10 Ribbons, 4 were Blue, 3 Red and 3 Gold.


April-2012 Foal, O Lil Miss April, shown by Alexis, 1st Place

Yearlings Class:
Joy, O My Ode to Joy, shown by me, 1st Place; Jack,  O You Don't Know Jack , shown by Alexis, 2nd place; and, Scout, O Oklahoma Scout, shown by Brandon, 3rd.

2 yr olds: Prince, O PrinceDixonOklahoma, shown by Alexis, 1st place.

4 and older:
Stacy, Jae Bar Stacy, shown by Brandon, 2nd Place; Brazzy, Chiefs Brazen Bullet, shown by Alexis, 3rd Place; and Pebbles, O Domino Mity Pebbles, and I, 4th place.

Most Colorful Paint Horse:
Joy, O My Ode to Joy and I, 2nd Place; Scout,O Oklahoma Scout  shown by Brandon, 3rd Place; and Prince, O PrinceDixonOklahoma,  shown Alexis, 4th Place.

Grand Champion Halter Class:
Joy, O My Ode to Joy, shown by me, 4th place; April, O Lil Miss April  shown by Brandon, 5th place; Prince, O PrinceDixonOklahoma, shown by Alexis, 6th place.

Ride a Buck:
Alexis (9 year old) riding Prince(2 year old) in a halter and reins, were in the last group eliminated before the winner was determined between the last two. WOW!!!!!! (Did I say that's the first time Prince had ever been ridden in an arena; in an arena with other horses? They made it through the walk, trot, and was loping when they lost their dollar.)

Lead Line (7 and under):
Stacy ridden by Mya (5 yrs old) and lead by me, 1st Place. (This was a last minute decision to do. No practicing or anything. Stacy spooked at the concession stand, but Mya hung on like a champ and kept on smiling. Very thankful for the ole Clinton Anderson lead and halter I was using on Stacy at the time!)

Thank you everyone that helped with the halter changes, horse changes, etc., at the show, and all the prep work all week. A special thanks to my Brother and his family and friend, Tori, for ALL their hard work the last couple of weeks. And my sister and her husband for the tack for Mya and I to use. Along with those that came to cheer us on. Hope everyone else had as much fun as I did!!

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