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This page is dedicated to Sundance's Foals.  Below is just a small collection of what his foals are doing and where they are now.

Prince, 2010, Black and White Tovero Gelding, APHA,  981,759  O PrinceDixonOklahoma.  Prince was a birthday present from her parents to my niece on her 9th birthday.  Prince was 18 months old at the time.  Alexis started riding him right away and did almost all of the training on him due to his age and size. 

In August 2012, Alexis showed Prince in the Calhoun Colt show, winning the 2 yr old Paint Class.  They also showed in the most Colorful Paint Class.  Alexis rode Prince to a tie for 3rd Place in the Ride A Buck contest while riding Prince in a nylon halter with two leads as reins.

In June 2013, Alexis rode Prince in the Jubilee Days Parade assisted by her dad on Romeo and I on Stacy.  

In July 2013, Alexis rode Prince to 1st runner up in the Benton County Rodeo Princess Contest.  They were also recognized for high sales.   Prince out performed older horses and riders when it came to riding around the arena during the grand entry.  He was very level headed, calm, and listened well to Alexis the whole time.  She was continuing to train him and had made progress in teaching him leg cues and neck reining.

In August 2013, Alexis prepared  Prince for the Calhoun Colt Show. Unfortunately on the morning of the show, Alexis had to make the hardest decision she had ever had to make and put Prince down.  He had jumped a fence over the night, lacerating his belly deep enough his intestines were coming out.

Tally, O Dancer N Tahlequah, APHA #962, 521, 2009 Buckskin Gelding.  I sold Tally as a young 3 year old with about a dozen rides on him to a lady from Kansas.  She took him home and finished him.  He now is her trail horse, helps with the cattle, and hauls her kids around whenever needed. Tally was lost February 3, 2018 to a freak accident in his pasture..



April, the last foal from Dixie and Sundance, is owned by niece. She shows her in the local fun shows and trail rides on her.


Jack, Dafy's and Sundance's last foal is owned by my niece. Jack has been used as a Rodeo contestant horse, show horse in 4-H and local fun shows, parades and horse camps for beginner riders.


Tramper is the 2010 son of Brazzy and Sundance. I sold him as a weanling and eventually, my sister purchased him, trained him to ride, then sold him to a young rider from the greater Springfield, MO area. Tramper is being used in local fun shows and doing 19 second barrel patterns in his first year of competing.


Joy, 2011 daughter of Sundance and Brazzy, is my personal riding horse. She is really coming into her own, and continually impresses me with what she will do for me. We have earned a few APHA PAC points at local fun shows, and through trail riding. We also ride in organized trail rides and parades.

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