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Horses that I've sold.

O Dominos Mity Pebbles, Foaled March 9, 2006
APHA#816,168 Paint Bred Solid Perlino Filly

Pebbles is a Perlino solid bred registered Paint filly with two blue eyes.  On October 31, 07 she measured 14:0 hands and weighed 650 pounds.  She is halter broke, ties, bathes, and you can pick up her feet, and she stands for the farrier. She will also lead on to the trailer and hauls well.  She was ponied as a foal on trail rides. 
You don't have to catch her, she will catch and follow you anywhere if she can reach you.  Loves attention.  Pebbles should mature to about 15 hands, dam is 15:1 hands, and sire is 16 hands.  Dam is on farm for viewing.  She will always produce a dilute foal, palomino, buckskin, cremello or perlino! 
Part of her groundwork, roundpenning, is done. She has been started  under saddle, and rode in the round pen one time as of 12-1-07, no bucks!, willing and trying.  Will be continued this winter, slowly, and as weather permits.  Going to be a joy to ride, just like her mother!  Sold!  Thanks Jennifer!
O Mity Mardelta Dixon, APHA #898,374
Palomino Tobiano filly, SOLD


Delta with Dixie, May 2007
Delta at 1 and a half months of age.

Delta was born 4-6-07.  She weighed 91 pounds and was 9:1 hands tall.  On October 29th she was 12:1 hands and 381 pounds. She has been haltered, and ponied from her dam, trailered and tied and hosed off.  She is broke to lead from the ground and is curious and gentle.  She should mature to about 15 hands.  Her dam is 15 hands as a 3 year old and her sire is 16 hands. She has had her first set of shots, and is current on dewormer.  She has the signs of having partial blue in both eyes.  Her  pedigree includes Leo, and Mardelle Dixon, the sire of Rachett.  Mardelle Dixon was raced and shown in both halter and performance classes.  Her sire is from racing and performance breeding. SOLD!  Thanks, Jennifer

O Dafys Mity Daisy, APHA #898,370
Loud Palamino Tobiano Filly SOLD!


Daisy, May 2007
Daisy at 3 months of age.

Check out how Daisy looks at 3 months of age!
Just a picture of what she'll look like fully grown.

Daisy was born the 9th of March, 2007.  She weighed 103 pounds, and was 9 hands tall.  On October 31, Daisy 12:1 hands and 406 pounds.  She has been haltered, tied, hosed off, and leads.  You don't have to catch her, she will catch you!  She is friendly, gentle, willing to try, and will let you pick up her feet or touch her anytime, with or without a halter.  She has been trailered with her dam to the farrier. 
She has had her first  two sets of shots and is current on dewormer.  Her pedigree on her dam's side includes Mr. Norfleet, Poco Bueno, Wimpy, Zippo Pine Bar, Sonny Dee Bar, 3 Bars, and Yellow Mount!  Her dam shows alot of cow sense, and is currently being broke to ride.  Daisy will mature into a dark golden palomino and should be about 15 hands.  Her sire is 16 hands tall.  Her dam is a 4 year old that is 14:3 hands. SOLD!   Thanks, Jennifer


2007 Foals SOLD!!!!
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O Sonnys MyT Ricochet, APHA #898,373
Sorrel Tobiano Colt Edit Picture

Ricky at 2 months of age.
He has really grown in his first 2 months! Edit Picture

Ricky at 2 months.
That's Ricky's big half sister, Brazzy, in the background. Edit Picture

Ricky at 9 months.
This picture was taken early December of 2007. Edit Picture

Ricky was foaled 4-4-07.  He was 10:2 hands and weighed 110 pounds. On June 24th, 07; he was 12.3 hands and 317 pounds; and on October 29th he was 13:1 hands and 398 pounds.  He was handled/imprinted the first few days after he was born, and has been haltered, tied, and ponied from his half sister, Brazzy.  He is halter broke and has had his first set of shots, along with being up to date on dewormer.  He should mature to well over 15 hands, probably 16+ hands.  His dam is 15.1 hands and his sire was 16 hands.  His 4 year old half sister, Brazzy, is currently 15:3 hands and his yearling full sister is 15 hands.  Both sisters are here on the farm for viewing.  On June 24, 08 he was gelded.  SOLD!!!!  Thanks, Nigel!

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O Dominos Mity Rocky, APHA #898,372
Nice Black Tobiano Colt Edit Picture

Rocky and his Dam, Chiefs Scamper Domino
Edit Picture

Rocky in the pasture, May 2007
It's hard to take Rocky's picture because he wants to be right beside you. Edit Picture

Rocky, May 21st, at the farrier.
Some horses are just big hams! Edit Picture

Rocky was born 3-17-07.  He weighed 100 pounds and was 9:3 hands.  On June 25th he was 12:3 hands and weighed 325 pounds.  As of October 31st, he was 13:0 hands and weighed 424 pounds. He is really filling out!   He has been ponied on trail rides, ties; stands to be hosed off, and groomed; leads on and off a trailer; and, lets you catch and touch him anywhere and at anytime.  Rocky is up to date on dewormer and has had two rounds of shots.  A real joy to have the farm!  He should mature to over 15 hands.  Loves to be scratched. On June 24, 08 he was gelded.              SOLD!  Thanks, Nigel!!!

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Sonny N Dancer Bullet

2008 Foal
O Oklahoma Jitterbug and Sonny N Dancer Bullet

Sonny with 2006 foal

Sonny with 2006 foal

Sonny with 2003 and 2005 foals, taken January 2006
Brazzy (2003) Bullet (2005) Sonny (2000)

Sonny in pasture
August 29, 2008

Sonny and Jitterbug
April 2008

Sonny N Dancer Bullet, APHA #542,163, 2000 Dark Bay Tobiano Mare, 15.1 hands, 1000 pounds.  The ground work has been done on this mare.  She roundpens and longes on line. I've bridled and saddled her and been on her once in the roundpen,no bucking, so she could be finished if someone wanted to do so. Stands well for the farrier,loads well, ties, bathes, excellent mother, great milk producer, easy keeper. She has produced 6 foals with good color and great dispositions.  She is being bred to PD OKLAHOMA SUNDANCE, 2004 buckskin tobiano for a late March 2009 foal.  See her pedigree on www.allbreedpedigree.com
Foals by Sonny N Dancer Bullet:
2008 O Oklahoma Jitterbug, Bay Homozygous Tobiano Filly.  Jitterbug is homozygous for the tobiano gene. She is sired by PD Oklahoma Sundance. Sold, thanks, Julie, Hoxie, KS.
2007 O Sonnys Mity Richocett, Sorrel Tobiano Colt, by Mity T Strom, gelded, 6-24-08--SOLD!
2006 O Sonnys Mity Matilda, Black Tobiano Mare, by Mity T Strom***currently about 15 hands, but still growing, starting under saddle.
2005 O Sonny Mity Bullet, Black Tobiano Colt, by Mity T Strom---sold and gelded
2004 O Sonnys Red Luck, Chestnut Solid Colt, by IB Destinys Tuff Luck---sold
2003 Chiefs Brazen Bullet, Bay Tobiano Mare, by Buck Kem*** Brazzy is on location, about 16 hands tall, nice mare for western pleasure and trail riding.
THANKS, JULIE, Hoxie, Kansas

"O Brazzys Last Chance"
APHA # 931,671


Chance at 3 1/2 months, ground slopes toward tree.
Dam at the left in background

Chance was born 3-24-08.  He is a bay tovero colt, well muscled and very athletic!  Very friendly and loves attention,  with super great disposition, will follow you all around the pasture.  He leads, backs,  ties, and he has been  on the trailer and hauled.  Ponied from his dam on a couple of rides.  His dam is listed with APHA Ride America program.  She is level headed and a great trail horse; she has helped with security patrol at local rodeos; parade; and direct traffic with the local Sheriff's Posse.  He should mature to over 15 hands. Chance was gelded 6-24-08.    SOLD!  Thanks Shelby and Megan, Bogard, Missouri.

Java with 2006 foal
Dennys Black Java

Java with 2006 foal
Nice big mare --has nice big foals

August 29, 2008

Click here to see pictures of Java's foals.

Java and Hottie
July 2008

Java is the contemporary working girl.  She is rumored to once being a rodeo brono, then she was trained for a trail horse.  Now, she works as a broodmare.  She is still rideable, but she is highly nervous about it when ridden by herself or a dusk like when a rodeo might be scheduled.  I believe that she was injured while rodeoing.  She has wonderful babies, and  is very gentle and tries to please you.     

Java with 2006 foal and Mity T Strom
June 2006

Dennys Black Java
  Solid Black with blaze and one sock, as seen in the herd shot of the home page of our website! She is up to date on trimming, vaccines, and dewormer.  Java is broke to ride, I'd suggest an experienced rider if you want to ride her by herself. Rides better in a group. Great for trail rides. Stands wonderfully for the farrier, even lifts feet without cues part of the time. Has some arthritis in one rear leg, shows up at the lope, but not at trot or walk. Terrific broodmare with large amount of milk for the foal. Excellent mother, that keeps her manners around her baby. Java has big babies that grow into big horses!  Her for year old son is over 16 hands and still growing.  Will be bred to PD Oklahoma Sundance for a 2011 foal. Excellent chance that the foal will be a buckskin or black and white tobiano! Her 2008 foal, O Java Sheza Hottie, looks like she is Impressive bred, without his blood anywhere in her pedigree!
See their pedigrees @ www.allbreedpedigree.com just type in the horse's name.
FOALS of Java
Foal Year Sex BT Horse Name Show Color Coat Pattern Bred To Breed
2006 Stallion No O JAVAS MITY MAXWELL No Black Tobiano MITY T STROM PT
Click here to see her 2006 foal, Maxwell.    Foals produced by "MITY T STROM", aka Cody
Broke to ride for the experienced rider.   Good for trails.  Gentle Giant, stands for farrier, shots and dewormer.   Excellent mother and throws wonderful foals. 

Stu, 2010, Palomino Tobiano Gelding. 

Dafy's colt--PalominoTobiano
April 11, 2010

Stu, 2 months old
June 27, 2010


"STU", APHA registered,  O Dont be stupid Dafy.
About 10 pm on April 11th, Dafy gave birth to a nice Palomino Tobiano Colt. He was 9:2 hands tall and weighed 106 pounds at birth.  I'd expect him to reach 14:2-15 hands  when he is full grown.  He is growing well and really developing the ole muscles!  He is for sale.  He was gelded June 4, 2010.  He is halter broke to lead and tie, and has been loaded on the trailer.  Down payment are accepted with a signed contract.

Prince, 2010, Black Tovero Gelding. 

First Foal of the year!
Dixie and "Prince", February 20, 2010

Day one!

O PRINCEDIXIONOKLAHOMA, APHA # 981,759; Black Tovero Gelding.
Dixie had a black and white colt.  He has a black head, black tail, and rump spot, a black spot on his belly, and then 2 small thumbprint spots, one on his side and one on his hip.  He measured 9:1 hands and weighed 100 pounds.  His barn name is "Prince".  He has a wonderful disposition already. He is very curious and willing to try to please you.  He is being handled daily and learning to give to pressure, be touched all over and follow you.  He loves being scratched.  He should grow up to be about 14-15 hands tall. He is currently for sale and available for pick up now.  He has been loaded on the trailer, tied and bathed.  He is easy to catch, leads and backs up.  He was gelded June 4, 2010.  Thanks, Michael, I know Alexis loves her PRINCE.  Unfortunately, at 3 years old, Prince had to be put down due to a fatal laceration in his side/belly.  He was a wonderful horse and partner for Alexis and is GREATLY missed by most all that knew him.

Dawn, 2010, Perlino Tobiano Filly. 

Stacy's first foal, Perlino Tobiano Filly
April 12, 2010

A Spunky little thing!
Oh, what an athletic, cutting mover.

Dawn at 3 months
July 30, 2010

Dawn, July 4th, 2011

May 2012

O DAWN IN THE BOONDOC, APHA # 983,084, Perlino Tobiano Filly.
The morning of April 12th Stacy had a exceptionally nice Perlino Tobiano Filly. She was 9:2 hands and weighed just 84 pounds at birth. She has two blue eyes, and a cute little head. She is real Fighter!  Mom had so much milk Dawn had a hard time nursing after the first drink and we had to milk out Stacy for the first 24 hours and bottle feed Dawn.  Now, she and mom are doing fine and she is learning to eat grain. 
Dawn has shown us just a few of th "cowy" moves that she is bred to do just in her first 72 hours of life.  She's been practicing her cutting off the cow, sliding stops, and other athletic moves! She is exceptionally friendly, comes and finds YOU in the pasture; halter broke to lead and tie; has been loaded on the trailer and bathed. She is for sale. Down payments with signed contract accepted. Starting Clinton Anderson fundamentals program June 2011.
June 2012--Dawn measures 14:0 hands and weighs 620 pounds.
PRICE: $1750.00 
Thanks, Cj, Ravenwood, Missouri

Dafy, Summer 2011


Dafy has had 30 days of professional training in the spring of 2008, and then injured herself, and hasn't been rode since. 

August 29, 2008

Chiefs Dixon Dee
2004 Sorrel Tobiano Mare

Poco and Dam, Dixie
July 21, 2008, 2 months of age

Dixie is broke to ride; she had 30 days professional training as 2 year old, and has been rode periodically since then, though she hasn't seen alot of saddle time.  She HAS been on several trail rides, including one overnight camping and riding trip at Eagle's Ranch, near Collins, Missouri, as a three year old.  Dixie is one of the horses that I use to babysit my husband when he will ride with me.  Dixie has had 2 foals, both have been loud palomino tobianos.  Her first, Delta, had a partial blue eye, and her second, Poco, has 2 blue eyes.  Her third foal is a 2010 black and white colt.  See him on the 2010 Foal page.
The summer 2009, she picked up a new job as a horse for my then 9 year old nephew to learn to ride on.  She's doing a great job so far!
In November 2011, I made my nephew a happy young man and delivered Dixie to him on his birthday.  His parents had arranged to purchase her for him.  She's getting a lot of attention, and is expecting a foal, May 2012.

On Friday, May 13, 2011, Mattie had a palomino filly.  Since she was born on Friday the 13th, I had to have a little fun with her name, so she is named after the woman/witch in the song, "Another man done gone", Marie LeVeau, by Bobby Bare.  (It doesn't help that her grandma was just a little witchy at times!) Sold: $1000.00 Thanks, Jennifer.

Marie, June 2011

Marie, July 4, 2011

Tallequah, 2009, Buckskin Tobiano Gelding.

Tally's first time under saddle.
First ride, April 8, 2012

April 2012

Tahlequah, 4th ride on the teeter totter
April 2012

After less than an hour of riding Tahlequah in the round pen, we left it and are now riding in the open pasture.  We tried walking, trotting and loping in the round pen before leaving and have practiced the walk and trot in the pasture.
He as been rode in the round pen, arena and pasture at a walk, trot, and lope.  He is responding well to leg cues and the bridle, and has the beginnings of a really nice back.  Hope to get a few more wet saddle pads on him soon.
He's so responsive and willing to try can hardly wait to see how far he will go.
Shows interest in working cattle.

Tobiano Buckskin Gelding
10 hands, 118 pounds at birth
Very large boned, should be a good sized horse when he's grown.
At 2 months of age, 11:2 hands and weighed 266 pounds.
APHA # 962,521
O Dancer N Tahlequah
Barn name:
Tahlequah or Tally
 (pronounced Towell-a-qaw)
An Indian tribe and city in
the Great State of
Price: $1500.00 or best offer
Tahlequah should mature to over 15 hands.  He shows signs of having a very quiet dispostion. 
Halter broke, stands tied at tree, leads and whoas from lead, loads on the trailer. 
He has had a couple of short rides on him in the round pen and is going well.  As time allows this spring I will be adding more time in the saddle on him.  
Friendly in the pasture.  Very Smart, a real thinker when presented with new things. 
Current on Deworming and vaccinations.
JUNE 2011
Tahlequah has been started on Clinton Anderson groundwork, and is doing well.  On 6-3-11 he measured 14:2 hands, and weighed 640 pounds, still growing well.
He as a really laid back attitude, and very smart....show him what you want and he's got it!
Same goes for what he is shown under saddle.

Day #1---Tahlequah
Buckskin Tobiano Colt

Tahlequah with Brazzy

Tahlequah 2 months of age.

Tahlequah, 2 years old
June 2011

Tahlequah went to his new home near Lawrence, Kansas, on June 27, 2012.  Thanks, Kellie W. , I wish you and Tally a long and beautiful life together.

Docs Sweet Apache
Foaled February 27, 2011, Buckskin Tobiano
  I purchased her from my friend who also raises American Paint horses.  She has excellent bloodlines.  She has been started on halter training and is coming along well. She leads, ties, and loads; some roundpenning has been done with her.
 Currently for sale, $300.00 or best offer

Docs Sweet Apache
June 2012

Docs Sweet Apache
September 29, 2012

November 2012

Colt for Sale

O Mity Broken Arrow, Aka, "ARROW"

APHA # 1,025,606


In the afternoon of February 8, 2013, O Sonnys Mity Matilda, aka "MATTIE", gave birth to her third foal, a Sorrel Tobiano Colt, with a partial blue left eye.  He measured 9:3 hands and weighed 103 pounds at birth.  He was caught and handled that afternoon, haltered, and messed with.   He is curious and catches on quickly to what you are trying to teach him.  His training will continue and will be taught to lead, tie, load, and have his feet messed with, too, by the time he is weaned. 

May 3, 2013 update:  Arrow is growing well, and playing with Rainy in the pasture; he is cautious and curious and will allow you to walk up to him in the pasture.  He isn't real fond of you petting him yet, but not scared either.

FOR SALE:  $750.00  Thanks, Michael and Christina

Colt by Mattie and Sundance
Day 1

Colt by Mattie and Sundance
Day 1

Colt by Mattie and Sundance
Day 2

April 2013

O You Don't Know JACK
Jack was born March 21, 2011 to Dafy and Sundance.
  He is registered with APHA as a Bay Tobiano.
For Sale: $1000.00 or best offer


May 2012

April 2012----Jack is curious and cautious at this time, he will follow you while haltered and you can mess with him pretty much all over.  Currently he will not let you catch him in the open pasture, but you can rub his face in through the gate. June 2012---he measures 13:1 hands and weighs 515 pounds, and growing.
August 2012---Jack was brought in from the pasture and ground work was started on him.  He had a rough start on understanding what was wanted, but once he figured it out he really started trying to please.  He now, meets you at the fence and wants attention from you. He leads, ties, loads, bathes, stands for me as I file his hooves, walks and trots with you on line.  My 9 year old niece showed him in the Calhoun Colt Show, August 26, 2012, a fun show, and he placed 2nd in the Yearling Halter Class.  

August 2013
Jack was shown at the Calhoun Colt Show in the 2 year old class and took home the 1st place, Blue Ribbon by my 10 year old niece. And again in the Most Colorful Paint Class by my 13 year old nephew to a 2nd Place.

Thanks, Michael and Christina!

POCO, 2008, Palomino Tovero Gelding.

May 2012

June 2011
Poco, 3 years old

Poco, June 2011
rear view--check out the straight legs, muscling and long tail!

Poco at 3 months of age
Palomino Tobiano colt

Dixie's 2008 colt, born 5-21-08
Palamino, Tovero, stud colt.

Poco and Dam, Dixie
July 21, 2008, 2 months of age

This young gentleman was born 5-21-08. He is a Palomino, Tovero with 2 blue eyes.  He weighed 94 pounds and was 9:1 hands tall at birth.  He should mature to about 14 hands unless he starts growing alot!  He should be a medium to dark palomino.   He stands tied, and leads, loads,  will let you deworm him; and, has had his feet trimmed.  He is very friendly and will meet you at the gate to be scratched.  His dam is the sorrel in the picture above with him~Dixie~   She is broke to ride, friendly and well mannered.  He was gelded 6/4/10, and is ready for someone to start working with him to get him broke to ride.  He is going to be short so he should make a really good kid's horse or  a horse for a small adult.  Purchase him now for only $800.00 or best offer
June 2011
Poco has been started on the Clinton Anderson groundwork and is coming along nicely.  On June 6, 2012, he measured 14:0 hands and weighed about 769 pounds.

Summer 2013
Poco has been saddled and bridled several times.  He has had a rider on him a couple of times and is still pretty nervous about the whole situation of riding.    I ran out of time this summer before heading back to work this fall.  He leads, ties, bathes-loves water, loads,  round pens, and lunges--with or without saddle.  He needs more time and he will become a great horse for a smaller adult or child.  Loves attention.

Thanks, Amanda!


For Sale: $3500.00

Summer 2013

FARAH is broke to lead, tie, load, and has had extensive ground work down with her.  She round pens, and the previous owner, stated that she had saddled her and rode her a couple of times in the round pen.  I have not tried to saddle her yet as I want her to complete the Fundamental exercises of Clinton Anderson before I do so.  She is gentle, appreciates being messed with, and is a very quick learner.  She has been exposed to our stallion, PD OKLAHOMA SUNDANCE, a Buckskin, Homozygous Tobiano, for a early spring 2014 foal.

Unfortunately, we lost Farah and her unborn foal during foaling. 


 Dun Tobiano Filly, "Rainy"

APHA # 1,029,549


Shortly after midnight on February 7, 2013, Moonlight Kem, aka "KEM" gave birth to her first foal.  The foal is a Dun Tobiano Filly, and we think she is a Grullo like her mommy.  She weighed 89 pounds and measured 9 hands at birth.  She was messed with the first two hours of her life and was haltered later in the day.  She is quiet and coming along nicely.  

May 2, 2013, update:  Rainy, is very curious and will come up to you in the pasture; follow you around, and cautiously let you pet her some.  Loves the blue bucket, and will talk to you if she sees you coming with it! 

September 1, 2013 update:  Rainy, is halter broke, leads, ties, trots beside you, baths, loads, and trailers well.  On August 26, 2013 she was taken to the local Fun Show, and shown by my 13 year old nephew in the 2013 Foal Class. She placed 3rd in the class. She still loves attention and wants to please you.  For Sale:  $1000.00

Thanks, Jennifer and Stephanie!

Filly by Kem and Doc
Day 1

Filly from Kem and Doc
Day 1

August 26, 2013
Calhoun Colt Show

O Dance Little Jean

2010 AHPA #983,501

Heterozygous Black, Homozygous Tobiano Mare

Jean was born on our farm from our stallion, Sundance, and Mattie.  She is halter broke to lead, tie and bathe.  She LOVES WATER!  She will be broke to ride within the next year and then she will be rode and work as a broodmare for us, too.

August 2013

Jean was taken to the local fun show at the Calhoun Colt Show on August 26th.  She was shown in the 3 year old Paint Halter Class and took home the blue ribbon for 1st Place.  This was her first outing away from home and she did really well.

Jean, June 2011

May 2012

Mattie and baby Jean
April 19, 2010

2 months old


O DANCE LITTLE JEAN,  was born on April 19, 2010. Mattie had a nice black and white Tobiano Filly that we've named JEAN.  She weighed 87 pounds and was 9:3 hands tall.  I'd expect her to reach about 15 hands when she's full grown. She has been DNA Tested and is homozygous for the Tobiano gene, and she carries the red/black gene also. 
June 2012
---Jean measured 14:2 hands, and weighs 675 pounds.

August 2014, Jean measured 15.0 hands and weighed 959 pounds.

Thanks, Julie and Terry!

O Oklahoma SCOUT
Scout was born April 3, 2011 to Stacy and Sundance.  He is a Loud, Overo Bay Colt. Scout has 1 blue eye, and both eyes have black eye liner markings.  He is a Cutting Horse Prospect. Grand dam currently making money in the NCHA.
FOR SALE $2000.00

Calhoun Colt Show 2014
1st Place winner in the Most Colorful Paint Class; 2nd in the 3 yr old Paint Halter Horse Class.


May 2012

Scout will let you approach him in the pasture and scratch or pet him. He will follow you while haltered, backs, and let's you mess with him most anywhere.  He has been tied and knows what water from a hose is.  He seems to have a really quiet disposition.
He was gelded in October 2011.
June 2012, he measured 13:2 hands and weighs 525 pounds.
He is bred to work cows and would also make a great trail or competition horse. 
He definitely has the wild coat pattern that will get you noticed in what every you do with him!
August 2012
He leads, ties, loads, bathes, stands for me as I file his hooves, walks and trots with you on line.
He was shown in the 2012 Calhoun Colt Show, a fun show, August 26, 2012 in the Yearling Halter Class by my 12 year old nephew and placed 3rd in the class.

August 2013
Scout was prepared and taken to the Calhoun Colt Show but managed to get a boo-boo on his leg on the way to the show so we didn't show him.  His leg is healed up nicely, without any scarring from it.

Fall 2013
Scout has been round penned, and has had extensive ground work done with him.  He has been saddled and bridled several times and did it as if he is saddled everyday. He has been desensitized to the saddle and is ready for someone to climb into the saddle and ride him.  Ran out of warm weather.

August 2014, Scout traveled to our local fun horse show.  He was shown in the 3 yr old class where he placed 2nd.  Later, he was shown in the Most Colorful Paint Horse Class where he was placed first in the class.

Scout, November 2013

O Sonnys Mity Matilda
Foaled 2006, Black Tobiano
APHA #858,609

For Sale: $2000
In foal for a late spring 2015 foal to Sundance, our stallion.

Matilda (Mattie)
August 29, 2008

Mattie's first foal, Jean, a filly.
June 2010, 3 months old

Mattie's second foal, another filly
Marie, 2011

Mattie is a Black Tobiano.  She was born on this farm; I sold her, then bought her back.  Her sire is Mity T Strom, aka "Cody" a palomino tobiano.  You can view pictures of him on the APHA page.  She is a half maternal sister to "Brazzy" and half paternal sister to "Pebbles". She has had the saddle and bridle on one time; and did well.  She has had a lot of handling and groundwork done already and shouldn't take much to get her going under saddle well.  She is throwing very nice foals when crossed with Sundance.

Buckskin Tobiano Filly 
by Brazzy and Sundance
APHA #1,027,087

On June 2, 2013 Brazzy surprised us with a very nice Tobiano Buckskin Filly. 
I had been checking on her through the night and at 7 am decided that she wasn't going to foal so I went back into the house and back to bed. Apparently, she laid right down and had her foal! Because Martin went out about 8:30 am and the foal was up and nursing.

Sky was handled the first week of her life and now she is in the pasture learning how to be a herd member and learning how to deal with natural obstacles.

In August 2013, Sky, as a two month old, was shown in the local fun show in the Mare and Foal class--1st place; and in the 2013 Foal class.  Sky placed 2nd in a class with horses that were 4 months older than herself.

In August 2014, Sky was again hauled to the Calhoun Colt Show.  She was shown in the Yearling Paint Horse Halter Class.  She took 1st place this time.  The judge commented on what a nice defined muscular butt she had.

Sky leads, bathes, loads, backs off the trailer, show leads at both walk and trot, sets up correctly, stands for the farrier and lets you do about anything you want with her.

Her unusual coloring is called a Frosty Buckskin and it will sure get you noticed!

Sky is available for sale:
A deposit, signed contract, and payments will hold her for you.

Calhoun Colt Show 2014
Yearling Paint Horse Halter Class---1st place



Calhoun Colt Show, August 25, 2013
2013 Foal Class