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PD Oklahoma Sundance September 2004 Homozygous Tobiano Buckskin Stallion--Gelded 5-15-17 In February 2018, I sold Sundance along with his daughter, Sky, to Kellie, the owner of Tally, Sky's full brother.

Fall 2007, 36 months of age

Sundance in the fall of 2007
Grandsire is Mr Tramp, APHA all around champion

Sundance, May 2007.

Sundance July 2010
Sundance 6 years old

We decided to quit breeding Paint horses and decided that the best thing to do was to geld our stallion. Though he has a wonderful disposition, and great blood lines, we believe he will make even a better gelding. Once he is over the gelding, Sundance will be put back into training become a riding horse, living with all his mares in the pasture. Sundance is a September 2004 Buckskin Tobiano stallion with secondary markings. He IS homogyzgous for the Tobiano gene, and negative for Overo Lethal White Syndrome. Which means he can not produce a solid foal, nor will he produce an overo foal, only Tovero if he is breed to an overo mare, and never a lethal white foal! Sundance is from championship bloodlines. Check out his pedigree at allbreedpedigrees.com, just type in his name, PD OKLAHOMA SUNDANCE. Sundance's grandsire, MR TRAMP, is a APHA Superior All-around Champion; with the Performance Versatillty award;Superior Western Pleasure; Superior Halter with 149 points; 43 grands and reserve grands; multiple ROMs; and 343 lifetime points with APHA. Other names found in Sundance's pedigree are: Oklahoma Star, Two Eyed Jack, Pepsi Poco, Jet Deck, Sonny Dee Bar, Hard Twist, and King just to name a few! He throws very athletic babies with a good disposition, plus color! See our foal pages for pictures of some of his offspring. We accept outside mares to breed to Sundance. Cost is $400.00 plus mare care, special consideration for mares with show records. August 2012 I hauled 5 of Sundance's foals to the Calhoun Colt Show, a fun show and did really well. We came home with 10 Ribbons, 4 were Blue, 3 Red and 3 Gold. Results: April-2012 Foal, O Lil Miss April, shown by Alexis, 1st Place Yearlings Class: Joy, O My Ode to Joy, shown by me, 1st Place; Jack, O You Don't Know Jack , shown by Alexis, 2nd place; and, Scout, O Oklahoma Scout, shown by Brandon, 3rd. 2 yr olds: Prince, O PrinceDixonOklahoma, shown by Alexis, 1st place. 4 and older: Stacy, Jae Bar Stacy, shown by Brandon, 2nd Place; Brazzy, Chiefs Brazen Bullet, shown by Alexis, 3rd Place; and Pebbles, O Domino Mity Pebbles, and I, 4th place. Most Colorful Paint Horse: Joy, O My Ode to Joy and I, 2nd Place; Scout,O Oklahoma Scout shown by Brandon, 3rd Place; and Prince, O PrinceDixonOklahoma, shown Alexis, 4th Place. Grand Champion Halter Class: Joy, O My Ode to Joy, shown by me, 4th place; April, O Lil Miss April shown by Brandon, 5th place; Prince, O PrinceDixonOklahoma, shown by Alexis, 6th place. Ride a Buck: Alexis (9 year old) riding Prince(2 year old) in a halter and reins, were in the last group eliminated before the winner was determined between the last two. WOW!!!!!! (Did I say that's the first time Prince had ever been ridden in an arena; in an arena with other horses? They made it through the walk, trot, and was loping when they lost their dollar.) Lead Line (7 and under): Stacy ridden by Mya (5 yrs old) and lead by me, 1st Place. (This was a last minute decision to do. No practicing or anything. Stacy spooked at the concession stand, but Mya hung on like a champ and kept on smiling. Very thankful for the ole Clinton Anderson lead and halter I was using on Stacy at the time!) Thank you everyone that helped with the halter changes, horse changes, etc., at the show, and all the prep work all week. A special thanks to my Brother and his family and friend, Tori, for ALL their hard work the last couple of weeks. And my sister and her husband for the tack for Mya and I to use. Along with those that came to cheer us on. Hope everyone else had as much fun as I did!!

Sundance checking out his new home, January 2007

January 2007

Sundance checking out Molly

Is it love at first sight? Yes, she was bred!
Sundance and Brazzy meeting over the fence

See the resulting foal, O Brazzys Last "Chance", on the 2008 foal page. 

Click here to go to the 2008 foal page

Sundance will starts his pasture breeding season in February.    He is available for breeding to outside mares, too.  Contact us @   oakspringsfarm@live.com