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Horses currently for sale:


Geldings for Sale:

O GERONIMOS MTY DANCE, APHA#1061220, 2016 Black and White Homozygous Tobiano gelding $2000

Geronimo was gelding May 15, 2017 and had his wolf teeth removed at that time, too. He is well built, nicely marked and comes from both a mare and stallion with good dispositions. Geronimo should mature to about 15 hands tall. He was messed and handled during the first two weeks of life and then put out to pasture with the herd and his dam to learn to be a horse. In August he was brought up and worked with some more and fitted to show in the Mare and Foal class and 2016 foal class at the local Fun show. He and his dam won the Mare and foal class and he placed second in the 2016 foal class. He was weaned 10/29/16. He is friendly and fearless. He comes right up to you in the pasture and appreciates getting attention. Dam is with him in the picture. Both the dam and full sister are also for sale here on EQUINENOW. He is homozygous for the Tobiano gene but not the Black gene. Tested. On 5/15/17, Geronimo weighed 628 and measured 13:3 hands tall.

In September 2017, Geronimo was taken to the 108th Calhoun Colt Show. His results:
*Yearling Paint Halter--1st Place
*Most Colorful Paint--1st Place
*Grand Champion Class--no placing
*Trail in Hand--145 seconds to complete, no placing. Geronimo was fearless when it came to the obstacles, trotting with me most of the way around the arena. Obstacles included: ground pole, raised pole and a second higher raised pole, tarp on the ground, pin wheel, mail box, cowboy curtain-I did back up through it and made an opening for him to walk through, which he did without hesitation, and backing through bales of straw.

Mares/Fillies for Sale:


2015 Bay Tobiano Filly, APHA #1050147,
O Ima Blue Jean Gal
Daughter of Sundance and Brazzy
Ima is a very friendly young horse. She was ponied from her dam numerous times while still a foal, including 2 lighted Christmas Parades where she wore a costume and lights. She is easy to catch in the pasture; loves attention, easy to mess with, leads, loads, baths, stands tied. She was shown in the local fun show as a weanling in the Mare and Foal class, 2nd place, and 1st place in the Weanling class in halter. She will be a small horse, perfect for the small adult or child. Both of her parents are on location, and her dam is my go to babysitter mare for inexperienced riders. Ima has her mom's disposition of "how can I make you happy?". She has been handled by children and show prepped for an 8 year old. On May 17, 2017, Ima weighed 585 pounds, and was 12:0 hands tall. Her full sister, O My Ode To Joy, has APHA PAC Points in Western Pleasure, Walk/Trot, Trail, Halter, and Games; along with many hours in the Ride America program. Other pictures available upon request. She is very SHORT and STURDY.


2015 Palomino Tovero mostly white filly.
Willow is very friendly and likes attention. She is easy to catch; ties, loads, baths, leads and has been shown in a local fun show in halter as a weanling. She should mature to about 15 hands. Her dam is one of my main riding horses and has been rode in parades, shows, trails, and for the local sheriff's posse. And has been recognized with APHA through the Ride America program. Both dam and sire are onsite and have very good dispositions. Willow's grand dam has money earned in the NCHA. She is mostly white and marked on her head and chest mostly.

Her half sister, O My Ode To Joy, has APHA PAC Points in Western Pleasure, Walk/Trot, Trail, Halter, and Games; along with many hours in the Ride America program.

On May 17, 2017, Willow measured 13:3 hands and weighed 585 pounds.


APHA #1050872, O OKLAHOMA DUCHESS, Black and White Tovero
Duchess is friendly 2015 filly that comes to the gate to meet you. She will take a treat from your hand. She leads, ties, and lets you handle her. She learns quickly and has a good disposition. On May 17, 2017, Duchess weighed 575 pounds and was 13:0 hands tall.

Her pedigree is on the all breedpedigree website.

She has Mr Tramp, APHA All around points winner on his sire's side.

His maternal aunt, Chiefs Brazen Bullet, Brazzy, is one of my main riding horses and is listed with APHA as a Performance horse through the APHA Ride America program. I ride her in Parades, local Shows, trail rides, and is a periodical lesson horse for beginning riders.

Another of his aunt's, "A Top Gunner in Black" has won the Extreme Cowboy Race Association 2014 World Competition for her age division.

There is no reason that Duchess can't be the next performance horse that her new owner wants her to be. Her 3/4 sister, O My Ode to Joy, a 2011 mare has APHA PAC points, in Trail, Halter, Games, Western Pleasure and Walk/Trot; along with Ride America hours.


Grulla Tobiano Filly
2015 APHA #1050873
Lenapah, aka Lena, is a well marked Grullo Tobiano 2015 APHA filly. She has been handled some but has to be cornered still to be caught and haltered. Once she is haltered she will lead, follow, stand tied and will let you mess with her. Both her dam and sire are onsite and have very trainable, good dispositions. She should mature to about 15 hands tall.

Her half sister, O My Ode To Joy, has APHA PAC Points in Western Pleasure, Walk/Trot, Trail, Halter, and Games; along with many hours in the Ride America program.


APHA #1061221.
Perlino Dun Homozygous Tobiano Filly
Penny is growing well and on May 15, 2017 she was 13:0 hands and about 500 pounds. She was recently tested by Animal Genetics, Inc, in Florida and carries both the dilute gene and the dun gene. She is homozygous Tobiano and the dilute gene. Her dam is a Grulla, as is her full sister.(also for sale on this site) Her sire is Buckskin.

She is up to date on vaccinations and dewormer.

She leads and will follow you while on line. She likes to be sprayed off with the hoses, likes to be rubbed on her face and talks to you in when she sees you. She knows her name and comes when called. She stands tied and lets you mess with her feet. She has been on a trailer. She shows interest and talent in working cattle. On May 17, 2017, Penny weighed 496 pounds and was 13:1 hands. Her half sister, O My Ode To Joy, has APHA PAC Points in Western Pleasure, Walk/Trot, Trail, Halter, and Games; along with many hours in the Ride America program.
She is listed on allbreedpedigree website.

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